"World Celebrated Singer..." Olympic Stadium, Korea
Featuring: Russian Folk Ballet and Russian Balalaikas

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Massenkoff Russian Folk Festival is an authentic, cultural presentation of Russian Songs, Balalaika Music and Russian Folk Ballet all equally represented throughout the performance in authentic Russian style, language and costumes. The Company features professional artists, with musicians who are conservatory graduates, professional Russian Dancers, and features Russian Songs, with Nikolai Massenkoff, " World celebrated singer." Songs are from the Tsarist Russia, WWII to present day Russia, including favorite Russian Songs, such as: Kalinka, Moscow Nights, Dark Eyes and Volga Boatmen, all in the original Russian language accompanied by Russian Folk instrument - Balalaika, Domra, and Bayan.
Upcoming performances and tours:

September 11, 2016. Begnahran Cultural Center, Turlock, CA
October 25-30, 2016. MIDWEST – Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin Tour
February 4, 2017. Tehama Community Concert Association, Red Bluff, CA

Nikolai Massenkoff and Massenkoff Russian Folk Festival

The Russian language is featured, and takes the audience on a tour with Russian melodies, Balalaikas and dances from Russia and neighboring countries, such as Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. At the end of the first act the audience is given a short lesson in the Russian language. They learn how to say a few very important words and phrases, such as “Ya Lublue Vas,” which means "I love you." The First Act ends with the popular Ukrainian Dance, “Hopak!”

Nikolai Massenkoff and Massenkoff Russian Folk Festival

The second part of the program introduces more songs and dances with an accent on Russian Gypsy Songs such as "Dark Eyes," “Two Guitars," and "Dorogoi Dlinnoyou," originally a Russian song that became well known around the world as "Those were the days my friend..."
Virtuoso musicians are featured on Russian Instruments, such as Bayan (similar to accordion) and the Balalaika (best known Russian instrument with three strings and played with the tips of the fingers). The other Russian folk instrument is the Domra which is similar to the Mandolin.

Nikolai Massenkoff and Massenkoff Russian Folk Festival

The audience usually requests favorite songs from “Fiddler on the Roof,” and “Somewhere my Love,” from the movie, Dr. Zhivago. Nikolai introduces a song dedicated from all artists and the audience to World Peace! The curtain closes on Massenkoff Russian Folk Festival with the words, "…until we meet again!"

Nikolai Massenkoff and Massenkoff Russian Folk Festival

Please watch the video of The Massenkoff Russian Folk Festival which is an abbreviation of a Live Stage performance, followed by a Massenkoff Russian Folk Festival School Performance.

Nikolai Massenkoff and Massenkoff Russian Folk Festival


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For further information regarding Nikolai Massenkoff and the MASSENKOFF RUSSIAN FOLK FESTIVAL Featuring: Russian Folk Ballet and the Massenkoff Russian Folk Festival Balalaika Soloists Starring: Nikolai Massenkoff "World Celebrated Singer" please contact
Sandra Calvin
Artist Representative
4827 - 17th. Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
Phone: (415) 753-3715
Email: sandracalvin@att.net

Nikolai Massenkoff's email: russianfok@aol.com      phone: (415) 586 9654

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